Premiere: The brilliant new restoration of the original trailer for Invaders from Mars

With Ignite Films’ gorgeous 4K restoration of Invaders from Mars set to premiere at the revered restoration festival Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Italy and the 2022 Fine Arts Film Festival in Venice, CA, the Ignite team is gearing up to provide the biggest and most spectacular roll out imaginable for this landmark of cinema and science fiction history.

We are also proud to announce a release date of September 26th for our 4K disc, with pre-orders beginning July 25th. For those who took advantage of our special pre-order in celebration of the TCM Classic Film Festival Showcase, your limited edition signed Jimmy Hunt poster is in the works!

Today, The Film Stage has helped us launch our campaign by premiering the brilliant new restoration of the original trailer for Invaders from Mars, along with some stills and release info.

But that’s not the only exciting development. Today we’re proud to launch The Maze, a critical wing devoted to the releases presented by Ignite and available only on this email newsletter. Coming soon there will be written pieces by Adam Nayman of The Ringer, Brendan James of the highly lauded Blowback Podcast, video essays from’s Scout Tafoya, and so much more to come. Before the release of the 4K disc of Invaders from Mars, we’re going to share with you a world of perspectives about the film, its director William Cameron Menzies, its restoration process, and its legacy.

Up first is a multi-part critical biography of Menzies by Tafoya, who on top of creating the Unloved for Ebert, is the author of Cinemaphagy: On the Psychedelic Classical Form of Tobe Hooper, the first English language career length study of the director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and a remake of Menzies’ Invaders from Mars. This series takes a look at the progression of Menzies from a starving artist in New York, to the foremost production designer on earth, before his premature death in 1957 just as his directorial career was stalling.

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