This weekend saw the 58th annual Cinecon festival in Hollywood California. Ignite was there on the ground because our star, Jimmy Hunt, David from Invaders from Mars, was being honored. Along with Mitzi Gaynor and George Chakiris, Jimmy was given The Cinecon Legacy Award for his outstanding and significant career in pictures.
It was also the first time that Jimmy and fellow child star Janine Perreau were together since filming Invaders from Mars 70 years ago! To Jimmy's surprise, Janine presented him with the award. It was truly a very special moment. 
Take a look at the moving and exciting tribute video that Cinecon put together in honor of Jimmy. A rousing look at a career in moving pictures!
Below we have some photos from the event, including the red carpet arrivals, screening, and Jimmy's award ceremony for your perusal.

Ignite's new 4K and blu-ray of Invaders from Mars comes out at the end of this month on September 26, so soon you'll be able to see the film (and Jimmy's performance) as it was meant to be seen. 
Stay tuned for more exciting developments and events!

Photo Captions (top to bottom):

1. Jimmy Hunt 
2. ABC's George Pennacchio interviews Jimmy Hunt
3. Jimmy Hunt and Ruta Lee
4. Cora Sue Collins and Jimmy Hunt
5. Patty McCormack and Jimmy Hunt
6. Mitzi Gaynor and Jimmy Hunt 
7. Jimmy Hunt and Cinecon President Stan Taffel
8-10. Janine Perreau and Jimmy Hunt  
ABC's George Pennacchio interviews Jimmy Hunt