Ignite Films is proud to present The Maze, our home for critical and analytical writing pertaining to our exciting restorations and releases. Here in The Maze, named for the landmark 3D horror noir by William Cameron Menzies, every corner and avenue of a film’s history and subtext will be explored by some of the world’s greatest critical minds. Please email scout@ignite-films.com for questions and comments.

  • Wellman and His Frontline Correspondents

    By Caden Mark Gardner   William A. Wellman’s best-known World War II pictures, The Story of G.I. Joe and Battleground remain touchstones in his prolific filmography.  While many wartime and postwar films on World War II have faded from public memory, what gives these films a sense of timelessness is the fact beyond the action sequences of each there is a specific attention paid to lived experiences of these men in battle.  The Story of G.I. Joe (1945) and Battleground (1949) are defined by the films being ensemble pieces about a collective, united front that spotlights the lives of these...

  • Jobless Wanderers, Hard Fingers, and Pure Grace: Wellman 101

    The following is an essay by once-a-generation film critic poet Fernando F. Croce, enormously respected writer from Mubi Notebook and Cinepassion with a bit of William A. Wellman 101. Read Fernando’s inimitable take on the director of The Story of G.I. Joe, told in his signature linguistic curlicues, the authorial equivalent of a Thanksgiving feast for a starving man. Read how Wellman set himself apart from peers John Ford, Raoul Walsh, and Fritz Lang and made a name for himself before the advent and enforcement of the production code, the censorship system imposed on Hollywood product by the notorious Will...

  • The Story of G.I. Joe: A Brief History

    To kick off our release of The Story of G.I. Joe here’s an exclusive video essay by Scout Tafoya, Editor-in-chief of The Maze, about how the film has reverberated down the corridors of cultural history. Here’s everything you need to know about how the film has made its impact.      

  • Q&A with Alan K. Rode

      We caught up with writer, historian, actor and producer Alan Rode following his recording of a new audio commentary for The Story of G.I. Joe. Here’s a sneak peek of what fans can expect!  IGNITE: What were your thoughts when Ignite Films approached you about recording an audio commentary for its new release of The Story of G.I. Joe? ALAN K. RODE: I jumped at it because this is a film that for some reason has been difficult to see, but it's a picture that made a distinct impression on me. And I think the way that the film...

  • The Story of the Story of G.I. Joe

    Restoration Supervisor Greg Kimble pulls back the curtain on Ignite's new 2024 enhanced restoration of THE STORY OF G.I. JOE with "The Story of the Story of G.I. Joe".   "The Story of the Story of G.I. Joe" is included as a bonus material in Ignite's 2024 Blu-ray edition.   SPOILER ALERT: 4 minute - 6 minute mark. 

  • The Legacy of an Invasion

    The Legacy of an Invasion
    By Scout Tafoya