The Legacy of an Invasion

The Legacy of an Invasion
By Scout Tafoya

Today we have an incredible pair of videos for you. Ignite is pleased to present two new comparison works, looking at the way William Cameron Menzies’ Invaders from Mars has bled into the cultural groundwaters and cleared the runway for a generation of writers and directors.

As you’ll see below there is so much out there that appears to owe a debt to the sci-fi classic, the subject of our first ever Blu-ray, 4K UHD, and DVD release, that it can be dizzying to keep track of where its images and ideas wound up. Some of the finest and most idiosyncratic works of science fiction and speculative fiction seem to be drinking from the well of Menzies’ work.

Indeed, we’ve even produced a separate edition to look at just the way the hit Netflix sci-fi throwback Stranger Things looks to have been drawing from this bold work of childhood imagination. Take a look at the way this new staple of the genre looks back at Invaders from Mars and refracts it onto a new generation of fans.

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