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The reviews continue to roll in! "Lovingly restored!" --; "A beautiful release." -- Just The Discs; "Gorgeous!" -- SPACE .com; "A modern miracle!" -- High Def Digest; "A glorious 4K Ultra HD Restoration." -- US Today; plus many more! Check out this compilation we put together of some of the highlights.




The critics have spoken!




Over at The Maze, Ignite's home for original writing and content, critic Scout Tafoya wraps up his look at the life and work of Invaders from Mars director William Cameron Menzies, moving into his final years before his death in his early sixties, after years of an untenable workhorse lifestyle creating art that changed American Cinema forever. Read part 7 of this in-depth look at the father of production design before you watch your copy of Invaders from Mars at home.


The Maze: William Cameron Menzies -- The Man From The Future. Part 7: 1947-1954 By Scout Tafoya