Invaders from Mars Invades Retail, Another Award, and Scout Tafoya's New Book!






Greetings Martians!



Invaders from Mars invaded retail stores this week and the response from fans and press has been amazing! Take a look at this mention in CNN Hollywood Minute alongside Tom Cruise's 'Impossible' motorcycle stunt:


A reminder, the slipcover version is available exclusively on our website. While you're there, take advantage of our Summer Sale and check out the Supreme Intelligence enamel pin, limited edition Jimmy Hunt autographed poster, and new Revenge Of collab t-shirt! 


Another big win for us for Best Rediscovery of a Forgotten Film from the Il Cinema Ritrovato DVD Awards 2023. A little over a year ago, our restored film (Invaders from Mars) premiered at this very festival. So this festival already has an extra special meaning for us as it helped introduce our Invaders from Mars journey to the world. We are incredibly grateful for this recognition. Here is the press release:




Congratulations to The Maze editor and critic Scout Tafoya on his latest book, But God Made Him A Poet: Watching John Ford in the 21st Century! As William Boyle put it in his rave for the Southwestern Review But God Made Him a Poet: Watching John Ford in the 21st Century is a profound work of film scholarship—accessible, concise, and moving—and it’s essential reading for cinephiles and casual film fans, especially those interested in grappling with complicated art. Go get your copy now!


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