Shipping Update

To our valued customers and fans,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay we are mired in. Here is where your discs are at this moment.  

The discs are being manufactured at the SONY DADC plant in the Czech Republic. All materials were delivered in June 2022, with authoring successfully completed shortly after, and an expected mid-September delivery date to us. The next step is the actual manufacturing at SONY – they place our discs in a queue. At this point, the only update we receive from them is that the test discs must be approved prior to actual pressing. Here’s a sneak peek from one of the discs by our partners at Arrow Video.  

We then go back in queue and wait until all the different elements such as printing, pressing, and packaging are completed at the same factory. We are not able to speed this process up. The big studios have massive orders ahead of the holidays and are given priority over an independent label like us. This challenge is compounded by worldwide supply chain issues. Although our order is certainly not insignificant, we cannot compete with the major studio / video game orders. As you are probably aware, we are working with our partners Arrow Video in the UK who are doing their absolute best to expedite the process.  

You might also have recently seen some press reviews of the disc and wonder how that was done. We have a protected private screener link which allows trusted journalists to watch the 4k restoration of the film and to see complete disc elements. Here is an example from SPACE which just came out.

One thing we have learned is to not announce release dates prior to having actual discs in hand. We ask you for your continued cooperation and patience as we work to resolve this issue.

-- Ignite Films